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300-watts Siren amplifier -CJB310
High power siren CJB310 with with dashboard switch panel
Powerful Alarm Speaker YS100H
Hot-sale high power car speaker for Police vehicles, Ambulance,Fire trucks, etc.
Offroad LED Work Light -C36
CREE LED Offroad LED Work Lights with strobe function
New LED Strobe Beacon Light –BX30
24 high-intensity LED chips with high visibility deliver great warning lighting.
Emergency Vehicle Speaker (YS100F)
Unique designed Car Tweeter Speaker
High-quality Motorcycle Siren Speaker Light - M1050
The M1050 which with 24PCS High power LEDs and with 40 watts siren speaker, it is a perfect motorcycle warning solution for you.
Dual Color Hideaway Light - HA12
12 individual LEDs are housed within this compact Aluminum housing with waterproof design for internal and external installation It’s offered in single and dual color options
20'' Dual Row 5D Offroad LED Light Bar (ST2405-126W)
42 PCS 3W CREE LEDs Dual Row Off Road LED Light Bar
12W/ 20W Cree LED Work Light (ST440A)
3.2 inch 4 PCS 3W/ 5W CREE LED Floodlight LED Work Light
Surface mount LED Emergency Warning Light
LED Emergency Warning Lights 10 PCS of 1-watt LEDs LED Color available Amber, White, Red, Blue Surface mount
Best Multi-Function LED Traffic Baton (TB334)
Dual-Color Traffic Baton with whistle and high power 1-watt LED torch light. Flash pattern: All LEDs Red - All LEDs Green - Torch light.