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MFORCE 48'' Lightbar

As the one of most powerful LED Lightbars we offer, the MFORCE LED Lightbar features new optics technology leds and aluminum extrusion for best heat dissipation.

MFORCE 48'' Lightbar 

• Low profile design
• LED take-down and alley lights
• Arrow stick directions: right, left, center out
• 33 available flash patterns
• Multiple different lengths for best fit on your vehicle

Technical Specs:

Input Voltage 12 Volts DC
Current 4A
Cable Harness 10 feet
LED Power 88PCS 3W LED
Inboard modules 4 LEDs x 16 modules (Front 8 modules & Back 8 modules) 
Corner modules 4 LEDs x 4 modules
Alley Lights 4 LEDs x 2 modules 
LED Color available Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green
Housing color available Black, Silver gray
Housing Materials Aluminum Alloy
Product Dimension 48 '' L x 11.8 '' W x 4.7 '' H (121 x 30 x 12cm)