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48'' TIR LED Warning Lightbar - SKY8000T

Hot and cost-effective LED Warning Lightbar

48'' TIR LED Warning Lightbar - SKY8000T



• Low profile design

• 19 available flash patterns

• Multiple different lengths for best fit on your vehicle

• Multiple vehicle specific gutter bracket


Technical Specs:

Input Voltage 12 or 24 Volts DC
Cable Harness 3M
LED Power 88Pcs 1-Watt LED 
Inboard modules 4 LEDs x 16 modules ( Front 8 modules & Rear 8 modules) 
Corner modules 4 LEDs x 4 modules     
Alley Lights 4 LEDs x 2 modules
LED Colour available Amber, Red, Blue, White, Green, Purple
LENs Colour Clear or color
Materials Plastic and Aluminum Alloy
Flash Patterns 19
Product Dimension 48''L x 12’' W x 4.5'' H (120cm x 31cm x 11.5cm)
Length Available 24’’(60cm), 35’’(90cm), 48’’(120cm), 59’’(150cm), 71’’(180cm), 83’’(210cm)