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12.5’’ LED Light Stick –RRL12-1

It's created for unique installation on vehicles along the running boards and rocker panels

12.5’’ LED Light Stick –RRL12-1

• It’s mounted at the lower end of your vehicle    
• Available in a single module a dual a three a four a five and the longest which is a six modules
• Weather-proof heavy-duty aluminum housing

Technical Specs:
Input Voltage 12 Volts DC
LED Power 12PCS 3W LED
LED Lifespan 100,000 hours
Flash Patterns 7
LED Color available Amber, White, Red, Blue, Green
Operating Temperature -40 to +70
Mounting Brackets
Product Dimension 318mm Lx 45mm W x 19mm H

Included in Box
• 1x  RRL12-1
• Brackets & Bolts
• Cigarette lighter plug switch